If you are OK with Blaine actions and are blaming Kurt for all the problems, sorry but you are not a Kurt fan


You can use a photo of him as a icon, you can say you like him, but you don’t care. I’m also questioning if you are a fan of Chris, because this character used to be a proud for him and Chris gave so much of himself to make Kurt someone everyone could relate to and now is being treated like shit on Glee. If you can’t see how Blaine’s action are selfish and childish then there’s no hope for you. 





"I’m going to miss having a Kurt puppet though. He did anything I said."

Actual quote from Blaine Anderson. He actually fucking said that. How the fuck can anyone think that Klaine is in any way, shape, or form a healthy, functioning relationship.


And oddly enough, Kurt has always stood up for himself, and others. He has never liked being controlled by anyone. He doesn’t like “playing by the rules of someone else’s game.” So how is that relationship going to work out, if Blaine wants to control Kurt, and Kurt doesn’t want to be controlled? How does that work out happily? One or the other will have to make some big changes and give in on a core part of their personality in order for the two of them to coexist peacefully, much less have a happy, healthy and successful marriage.